At Effect Exercise Physiology we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to participate in physical activity and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Our school holiday programs are specially designed by our team of Exercise Physiologists to cater to children and teens who may face challenges in mainstream sports or extracurricular activities due to disability and/or developmental delay. We currently offer three programs during the school holidays.

Move and Learn

Move and Learn is a school holiday program for primary school aged children with disability or developmental delay. This class provides a supportive environment and safe space to learn the basics of a number of different sports including soccer, basketball and gymnastics.

This class will develop:

  • Coordination and balance
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Socioemotional development

Move and Learn with Carers

This school holiday program runs through the same layout as our Move and Learn program, however parents or caregivers take an active role in the class. This fosters a positive relationship between the child, the carer and physical activity. As carers, we understand that you have the greatest impact on the child’s habits. We know that children with active caregivers are significantly more likely to be active themselves.

Gym Fundamentals: Introduction to Strength Training

This school holiday program is for teenagers who are interested in going to the gym regularly and would like to learn how to navigate the gym environment.

What is covered in this class:

  • Education and skills to progress their own tailored program
  • Technique and cues for free weights and machine based movement to ensure safety
  • General gym etiquette guidelines

Hear what other parents have to say

“We came across Effect Exercise Physiology’s (EEP) ‘Move and Learn’ school holiday program almost by accident, but we are very pleased we did. It came at exactly the right time. With a child with a disability who finds it difficult to participate in mainstream sporting activities, EEP’s program was perfect. The staff at EEP are very positive, patient, and helpful. From Emma in the office who facilitated enrollment in the program and assisted with NDIS, to Erin who ran the classes. Erin particularly is very patient and understanding with the children and adapted the activities to suit the needs of each child. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with EEP and can’t recommend them highly enough!

            – SW

After more information?

We have created these complementary information packs for you to learn what program may suit your child or teen best.

We update these regularly, however if you see something that isn’t quite right just contact us for an updated information pack straight to your inbox!

At Effect Exercise Physiology we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to participate in physical activity and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

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Additional Information

If your child is a participant with the NDIS, they can utilise funding from either category below

  • Improved Daily Living
  • Improved Health and Wellbeing

If your child does not have NDIS funding that is perfectly fine too! Current pricing will be available on our downloadable information packs or by contacting us directly on 0491 001 559 or

Upon booking a spot for the school holiday group program for kids, parents are required to make a full upfront payment to secure their child’s position in the program. This payment is Non-refundable, see full Cancellation Policy in downloadable information packs.

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