Injury Rehabilitation Made Simple

Injury rehabilitation covers many acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries that may be a result of a sporting accident, traumas such as a fall or motor vehicle accident and muscular imbalances that result from day-to-day activities. Our Exercise Physiologists are here to discuss your injury, assess your current ability and work collaboratively with you to develop an exercise program to help you get back on your feet or back on the field.

We use a 4 step strategy to help manage your condition:

Stage 1- Reduce pain and mobilise to help you feel better

Stage 2 – Strengthen movements in a low pain threshold

Stage 3 – Build strength throughout your range of movement

Stage 4 – Integrate strength into functional activities

We can help you manage and prevent conditions such as:

  • Tendinopathy
  • Muscle tear/sprain
  • Muscular imbalances/ weaknesses
  • Deconditioning due to illness and injury

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