Looking for Group Class Exercise?

We believe that our group classes provide a cost-effective way to improve your fitness, socialise, and stay accountable to your goals. With a variety of locations and class options, you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

Exercise Class – Clinic

Our Strength and Conditioning class for over 60s is a 45 minute class in our clinic for those who are managing a health condition. We provide a smaller dynamic and encouraging atmosphere to enhance your fitness journey. 

  • Circuit training
  • Major muscle groups
  • Self paced
  • Modified for individual

Exercise Class (Advanced) – Evolution Gym

Our Strength and Conditioning Advanced is run out of Evolution Gym in Moss Vale. This is a 45 minute class for those who are managing a health condition in a larger gym environment.

  • Circuit training
  • Major muscle groups
  • Self paced
  • Modified for individual

Balance Class – Clinic

We off a Balance & Falls Prevention Class in our clinic is for those with identified falls risk or balance concerns who want to maintain independence and strength. Our experienced Exercise Physiologists will guide you through exercises specifically designed to enhance your balance and reduce the risk of falls.

  • Balance circuit
  • Education on falls
  • Self paced
  • Modified for individual

Active Bodies – Bowral Bowling Club

If you prefer a larger class setting, we have the Active Bodies class at the Bowral Bowling club, where approximately 25 participants gather for a gentle exercise session suitable for all ages. This class focuses on improving strength, balance, and mobility, utilising equipment such as pilates balls and exercise bands.


4 Pack – $110 ($27.50 per class)

12 Pack – $240 ($20 per class)

Active Bodies: 4 Pack – $45 (11.25 per class)

*Prices as at 1st November 2023

No matter which group class you choose, our qualified Exercise Physiologists will ensure a safe and effective workout experience. They will provide modifications and adjustments to suit your individual needs and support you in achieving your fitness goals.

Please note: To ensure your safety and provide personalised care, an initial appointment is required before joining our group classes at. During this appointment, we assess your needs, discuss medical history, and create a tailored plan. Our experienced Exercise Physiologists design classes suitable for various fitness levels. Once your initial appointment is completed, we recommend the most suitable group class based on your assessment and goals.

Contact us to learn more about our group class schedules, locations, and availability and schedule your appointment and take the first step towards joining our inclusive and supportive group classes.

We are excited to help you find the right class that fits your preferences and supports your journey to better health and well-being as well as make some great friends along the way.

An Exercise Physiologists is an allied health professional with extensive knowledge of the body’s response to exercise

Frequently Asked Questions

In your initial consultation with our Exercise Physiologist you will be able to discuss your injury/condition, relevant medical history and activity levels.From here we will perform some assessments and develop a treatment plan to help you achieve your goals.

Comfortable clothing and shoes and you are happy to move and exercise in,your referral if you have one and any medical reports that are relevant to your condition/injury.

No, you can book in without a referral.

This will depend on your current situation and the complexity of your condition/injury. We will discuss this in your treatment plan throughout your initial consultation.

If you have:
1. Private Health Insurance we can process onsite through our HICAPS machine
2. Enhanced Primary Care Plan from your GP

There are 5 private parks on premises as well as timed street parking on Valetta Street. Our private parks are wide, suitable for disability parking.

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