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We are the Experts in Intensive Neurological Therapy Within the Southern Highlands

We are passionate about helping people in their recovery or management of Neurological conditions.

We understand that the human nervous system is amazing and has the ability to “re-wire” itself to become as efficient as possible when responding to changes in mobility, cognition and independence due to damage to the brain (eg. Stroke/TBI) or changes in the nervous system (eg. Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal cord injuries).

This concept is of re-wiring called Neuroplasticity. The sooner you start your rehab journey with us the more positive changes to the Nervous System can take place. Although, we have still seen excellent outcomes in people many years down the track.

In order to optimise re-learning of movement patterns, cognition and levels of independence, it is essential that you have sufficient level of quality and challenging practice, at the right intensity (multiple times a day and/or multiple times per week). This is to ensure that as much re-wiring of the brain takes place as possible, which leads to improvement in the capacity to do the everyday tasks you love again.

We are continually investing in the latest in rehabilitation technology. This allows us to provide greater volume and quality of practice, such as gait retraining. Greater volume means more re-wiring, which means greater outcomes!

The sooner you start your rehab journey with us, the more positive changes to the Nervous System can take place.

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