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We personally know how important it is for our health to be at work. There is an abundance of research to support that keeping at work (or getting back to work) with an injury helps people with their physical and mental health. We understand that after an injury it can be scary, confusing and even frustrating with the thought of going back to work or the process itself. That is why when you work with an Exercise Physiologist recovering from your work injury we ensure to take the greatest care, ensuring you feel confident in your recovery and confident in your ability to continue working in your role.

Areas we cover

  • Moss Vale
  • Bowral
  • Mittagong
  • Bundanoon
  • Robertson
  • Wollongong (and surrounding suburbs)

How We Help Injured Workers

High standard of care

We provide a comprehensive Exercise Physiology service for people with worker’s compensation and motor vehicle injury (CTP) claims. Your Exercise Physiologist will be SIRA registered to ensure a standard of care is met for you. We ensure that our clients reach desired outcomes using evidence based strategies to improve your functional capacity, build your own capacity (self efficacy) towards managing your injury and recovering at work.


We communicate with all stakeholders (the people involved with your work injury claim) to ensure there is a holistic and person centred approach during your recovery. We do this by:

  • Being present. Regular contact with yourself the injured worker, case manager and other stakeholders as often as necessary
  • Communicating (case conferencing) with your doctor and stakeholders to provide updates on treatment and certificate of capacity (what you can safely do at work).


We offer treatment in our clinics, at a hydrotherapy setting, your workplace and even your home if required. We understand that no two worker’s injuries are the same and that you may require different treatment strategies if required. Lets work together to provide you the best outcome possible!

Give you the power

Did you know that as an injured worker you have total control over your situation? It’s sadly very common for people to assume that when they have a work injury they have no control over who they see for treatment. We’re here to tell you that you have total control over your recovery! We’re an advocate for you in your recovery process, by providing well timed communication to stakeholders, appropriate measures of your progress and engaging with you every step of the way to ensure you return to work in a safe capacity according to where you are at in your work injury.

Contact us today to engage us in your work injury recovery or contact your GP/rehabilitation consultant to arrange a referral to see one of our Exercise Physiologists today!

You can trust that an Exercise Physiologist at Effect Exercise Physiology has your wellbeing as our number one priority. Helping you recover from a work injury sooner

Frequently Asked Questions

In your initial consultation with our Exercise Physiologist you will be able to discuss your injury/condition, relevant medical history and activity levels.From here we will perform some assessments and develop a treatment plan to help you achieve your goals.

Comfortable clothing and shoes and you are happy to move and exercise in,your referral if you have one and any medical reports that are relevant to your condition/injury.

No, you can book in without a referral.

This will depend on your current situation and the complexity of your condition/injury. We will discuss this in your treatment plan throughout your initial consultation.

If you have:
1. Private Health Insurance we can process onsite through our HICAPS machine
2. Enhanced Primary Care Plan from your GP

There are 5 private parks on premises as well as timed street parking on Valetta Street. Our private parks are wide, suitable for disability parking.

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