The Exercise You Must Do For Strong Bones (Healthy bones week)

Keeping your bones strong is a smart thing to do at any age. However, by the time we hit 40 our bone mass slowly deteriorates. If we don’t take action this can lead to Osteopenia or even Osteoporosis.

Osteopenia or low bone density is thought to affect around 6.3 million Australians

Osteoporosis Australia

Osteopenia is the term used describe low bone
density. People with Osteopenia have bones that are weaker
than normal, but not weak enough to be called osteoporosis.
Osteopenia or low bone density is thought to affect around 6.3
million Australians

Osteoporosis is a disease that occurs when the creation of new bone does not keep up with the loss of old bone. This causes bones to become weak and brittle.

Weakened bones can become a scary problem as even a minor bump or fall can lead to a broken bone. Fortunately for us, diet and the right exercise can significantly slow this process and reduce our risk of falls that can cause fractures. 

Strength Training

Lifting weights (or your own bodyweight) has been shown to not only get muscles strong but also our bones! A systematic review showed that strength training for women who were either postmenopausal and/or had osteopenia or osteoporisis actually improved their bone mineral density through this type of exercise. Now you don’t need expensive equipment to perform strength training. Easy ways to try this form of exercise include.

  1. Sitting and standing out of a chair
  2. Pushups on a wall or kitchen bench
  3. Stepping up and down off a high step


Yes, you read right. Dancing is a form of high impact weight bearing exercise that can improve your coordination and balance, fitness and your bone mineral density. A Taiwanese study found that dancing to your favorite songs at least three times a week leads to an improvement in bone mineral density. Time to break out to Whitney Houston!

Impact Exercise

Our bones get stronger due to the impact that is placed upon them. This is why impact exercise is becoming essential for improving bone health. An Australian study found that postmenapausal women who added impact exercise (Performing a jumping chin up and landing as heavily as comfortably possible) into their exercise routine had an improvement in their bone strength! Safe and effective suggestions we give for adding impact exercise includes.

  1. Drop jump off a step
  2. High knees jogging on the spot
  3. Single leg hops

If you think these suggestions may be too challenging. Talk to your Exercise Physiologist to find a suitable suggestion for your current fitness level.

So what are you waiting for? It’s never too late or too early to think about improving your bone health. Start with something comfortable and then build up to more challenging activities as you feel more stronger and confident. Sky is the limit with the right plan!

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